JKNL Stables - "Where We Just Horse Around"
  •  * Large indoor riding arena            
  •   Horse wash stall
  •   10x10 stall                                               
  •   Automatic waterers (heated)
  •   Quality hay and grain
  •   Enclosed tack room for equipment
  •   Unlimited access to arena
  •   Access to small set of trails behind barn
  •   Turn-out available
  •   Call for prices
  •   Providing quality horse care
  •   Operating a safe, clean, friendly environment for both horse and rider
  •   Offering year round riding facilities for anyone between 8 AM - 8 PM
  •   ~ Anyone is welcome to bring their horses here to ride...
         Arrangements need to be made prior to arrival!!!!
    2014 NBHA Show
Carrie & Danielle Memorial Barrel Race
Saturday, September 27 Exhibition @ 9am
2 Team Steinhoff barrel saddles will be given as well as other awards
Stalls available for the weekend shows, please contact us in advance, Thank you!!!
         HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL HERE!!!!!!
Owned and operated by
John and Linette Landis
314 West Ridge Rd
Middleburg, PA 17842
570-374-9811 or 570-274-3555
Email: jknlstables@hotmail.com
Please note: If you try to find us by using a GPS or the Internet, you may experience some difficulty.  We suggest calling for directions!!
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